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Water Company Annual Reports

Rancheros Bonitos Water Company, LLC (W-03254A):

Rancho Del Conejo Community Water Co-op, Inc. (W-02102B):

Ray Water Company (W-01380A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1230 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 667 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1012 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 2701 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1414 KB)

Ridgeview Utility Company (W-03861A):

Rillito Water Users Association (W-02003A):

Rincon Water Company (W-01723A):

Rose Valley Water Company (W-01539A):

Saguaro Water Company (W-01790A):

Sahuarita Water Company, LLC (W-03718A) Formerly Rancho Sahuarita Water Co.:

Sandario Water Company (W-01831A):

Santa Rosa Water Company (W-04137A):

Seven Canyons Water Company (W-03388A):

Shangri-La II Resort (W-02474A):

Shepard Water Company (W-01537A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1336 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 938 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1372 KB)

Sherman Pines Homeowners Association, Inc. (W-01671A) 3-22-17 Adjudicated per Decision 76022:

Sonoita Valley Water Company (W-20435A):

South Rainbow Valley Coop. (W-02280A):

  • 2017 (pdf, 863 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1543 KB)

Southland Utilities Company, Inc. (W-02062A):

Spanish Trail Water Co. (W-01816A):

Spring Branch Water Company, Inc. (W-02485A):

Starlight Water Company, Inc. (W-02848A):

Sterling Water Company (W-03499A):

Stoneman Lake Water Company, Inc. (W-01967A):

Sulger Water Company #2 (W-02355A):

Sun Leisure Estates Utilities Company, Inc. (W-02386A):

Sun Valley Farms Unit VI Water Company (W-02425A):

Sunizona Water Company (W-03912A):

Sunland Water Company (W-04015A):

Sunrise Water Company (W-02069A):

Tacna Water Management Company (W-01344A):

Tall Pine Estates Water & Improvements Association, Inc. (W-01976A):

Thim Utility Co. (W-03293A):

Thim Water Corporation (W-02594A):

Tierra Buena Water Company (W-02076A):

Tierra Linda Water Company (W-20810A):

Tierra Mesa Estates Water Company, Inc. (W-02498A):

Tonto Basin Water Company, Inc. (W-03515A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1082 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1890 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1063 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1668 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1082 KB)

Tonto Creek Water Company (W-20682A):

Tonto Village Water Company (W-01580A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 632 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1321 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1784 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1768 KB)

Tortolita Water Company, Inc. (W-02301A):

Truxton Canyon Water Company, Inc. (W-02168A):

Tubac Water Company:

Turner Ranches Water & Sanitation, Co. (W-01677A):

Twin Hawks Utility, Inc. (W-03230A):

Utility Systems, LLC (W-20459A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 898 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1841 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 3216 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 2402 KB)

Vail Water Company (W-01651B):

Valle Verde Water Company (W-01431A):

Valley Pioneer's Water Company, Inc. (W-02033A):

Valley Utilities Water Co., Inc. (W-01412A):

Verde Lakes Water Corporation (W-02372A):

Verde Lee Water Company (W-02096A):

Verde West Irrigation (W-02274A):

Vernon Valley Water Inc. (W-20540A):

Virgin Mountain Utilities Company (W-03551A):

Viva Development Corporation (W-02229A):

Voyager Water Company (W-02104A):

Walden Meadows Community Co-op (W-02369A):

Walnut Creek Water Company, Inc. (W-02466A):

WATCO, Inc. (W-01979A):

Water Utility of Greater Tonopah, Inc. (W-02450A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1390 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1416 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1531 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1387 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1936 KB)

Water Utility of Northern Scottsdale, Inc. (W-03720A):

Wayward Wind's  (W-20553A) 1-13-17 Cancelled per Decision 75924:

West End Water Company (W-01157A):

West Village Water Company (W-03211A):

White Hills Water Co., Inc. (W-01982A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1745 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 825 KB)

White Horse Ranch Owners Association, Inc. (W-04161A):

White Mountain Water Company (W-02470A):

Wickenburg Ranch Water, LLC (W-03994A) 8-16-16 Transferred to Town of Wickenburg per Decision 75707:

Winchester Water Company, LLC (W-04081A):

Woodruff Water Company, Inc. (W-04264A):

Worden Water Company (W-02221A):

Yarnell Water Improvement (W-02255A):

Yucca Water Association, Inc. (W-01937A):

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