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General Mailing Address:


1300 W. Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85007-2996

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8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Friday

Closed for all state observed holidays

Corporations Division

Business filings including Articles of Organization for LLCs and Articles of Incorporation for Corporations in Arizona


Customer Service: (602) 542-3026


Toll Free In-State Only: 1-(800) 345-5819



Director's Office: (602) 542-3521


Fax Numbers: (602) 542-4100 

Utilities Division

Consumer services and regulation of electric, water, gas, and sewer public service corporations in Arizona


Phoenix Office: (602) 542-4251


Tucson Office: (520) 628-6550


Toll Free In-State Only:

1-(800) 222-7000



The use of inappropriate or threatening language when submitting a complaint to the above email may result in your comments not being docketed and no action taken regarding your comments


Securities Division

Registration and Compliance, Enforcement




Main: (602) 542-4242

Toll-Free Number in Arizona:
1-(866) 837-4399






Toll Free In-State Only: 1-(866) 837-4399

Investor Questions or Complaints: (602) 542-0662

Licensing or Registration Issues: (602) 542-1426


Safety Division

Pipeline inspection and enforcement for all intrastate pipeline operators and railroad inspection on both intrastate and interstate railroad operations in Arizona


Main: (602) 262-5601


Fax Number: (602) 262-5620




Pipeline Main: (602) 252-4449


Railroad Main: (602) 542-7772

Hearing Division

Docket control and evidentiary hearings


Main: (602) 542-4250


Docket Control (eDocket): (602) 542-3477

Legal Division

Legal representation of the AZCC


Main: (602) 542-3402


Media Relations and Broadcasts

Media relations and AZCC meeting broadcasts


Main: (602) 542-0728


For more information, view our Meet the Commissioners page

Chairman O'Connor


Main: (480) 708-6444

Commissioner Peterson


Main: (602) 542-3625

Commissioner Tovar


Main: (602) 542-3935


Commissioner Thompson


Main: (480) 901-8841

Commissioner Myers


Main: (602) 781-6282

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Arizona Corporation Commission

1200 W. Washington Street

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Corporations Division

1300 W. Washington Street

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Tucson Office (Walk-ins only)

400 W. Congress Street

Tucson, AZ 85701