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Water Company Annual Reports

A. Petersen Water Company (W-02678A):

Abra Water Company (W-01782A):

ACME Water, LLC (W-20809A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 946 KB)

Adaman Mutual Water Company (W-01997A):

Aguila Water Services, Inc. (W-01578A):

Antelope Lakes Water Company (W-02740A):

Antelope Water Company (W-02005A):

Anway Manville LLC Water Company (W-03233A):

Appaloosa Water Company (W-03443A):

Arivaca Townsite Cooperative Water Company (W-01546A):

Arizona Water Company (W-01445A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 9987 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 4887 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 8449 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 60047 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 9172 KB)

Arroyo Water Company, Inc. (W-04286A):

Ash Fork Water Service (W-01004B):

Ashcreek Water Company (W-02494A):

Aubrey Water Company (W-03476A):

AVM-2005, LLC (W-20496A):

Avra Water Cooperative, Inc. (W-02126A):

Beardsley Water Company, Inc. (W-02074A):

Beaver Dam Water Company, Inc. (W-03067A):

Beaver Valley Water Company, Inc. (W-02015A):

Bermuda Water Company (W-01812A):

Berneil Water Company (W-01275A):

Bidegain Water Company (W-02026A):

Big Park Water Company (W-01624A):

Bonita Creek Land & Homeowners Association (W-02195A):

Boynton Canyon Enchantment Homeowners Association (W-02510A):

Bradshaw Mountainview Water Company, Inc. (W-02089A):

Bradshaw Water Company, Inc. (W-02476A):

Brooke Water LLC (W-03039A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 2327 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1316 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 3695 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 600 KB)

Caballeros Water Company, Inc. (W-01994A):

Cactus-Stellar Limited (W-03655A):

Camp Verde Water System (W-01419A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1485 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 801 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1620 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1657 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1283 KB)

Carter Water Company (W-02721A) 4-22-16 Transferred to Gonzalez Utility Services, LLC W-20940A per Decision 75521:

Casa Grande South Water Company (W-03847A):

Casa Grande West Water Co., Inc. (W-01990A):

Cedar Grove Water Company, Inc. (W-20541A):

Cerbat Water Company (W-02391A):

Chaparral City Water Company (W-02113A):

Chaparral Water Properties, Inc. (W-02393A):

Chino Meadows II Water Company (W-02370A):

Cibola Mutual Water Company (W-04106A):

Cienega Water Company, Inc. (W-02034A):

Circle City Water Company, LLC (W-03510A):

Citrus Park Water Company, Inc. (W-03868A):

Clearwater Utilities Company, Inc. (W-01752A):

Coldwater Canyon Water Company (W-01559A):

Community Water Company of Green Valley (W-02304A):

Cordes Lakes Water Company (W-02060A):

Dateland Public Service Co., Inc. (W-02027A):

Dateland Water, LLC (W-20395A):

Desert Valencia Water Company, Inc. (W-20801A):

Diversified Water Utilities, Inc. (W-02859A):

Doney Park Water (W-01416A):

Double R Water Distributors, Inc. (W-02821A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1081 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1037 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1209 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 368 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1025 KB)

Dragoon Water Company (W-01917A):

DS Water Company (W-04049A):

Eagletail Water Company, LC (W-03936A):

East Slope Water Company (W-01906A):

Eden Water Company, Inc. (W-02068A):

Ehrenberg Water Company (W-02273A) 5-22-17 Cancelled per Decision No. 76092:

El Prado Water Company, Inc. (W-02564A):

Empirita Water Company, LLC (W-03948A):

Farmers Water Company (W-01654A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1929 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1700 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 2418 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 873 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 2421 KB)

Flagstaff Ranch Water Company, Inc. (W-02502A):

Forest Highlands Water Company (W-02493A):

Fort Mojave Tribal Utilities Authority (W-02524A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 2454 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 641 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 2212 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 1261 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 2288 KB)

Francesca Water Co., Inc. (W-02838A):

Gadsden Water Company, Inc. (W-02205A):

Global Water - Picacho Cove Water Company (W-20495A):

Global Water - Santa Cruz Water Company (W-20446A):

Golden Corridor Water Company, Inc. (W-02497A):

Golden Shores Water Company, Inc. (W-01815A):

Gonzalez Utility Services, LLC (W-20940A):

Goodman Water Company (W-02500A):

Graham County Utilities Inc. (W-02527A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1263 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1112 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1287 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 862 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1364 KB)

Grand Canyon Caverns and Inn, LLC (W-04120A):

  • 2017 (pdf, 565 KB)

Grandview Water Company, Inc. (W-01959A):

Granite Dells Water Company (W-01670A):

Granite Mountain Water Company, Inc. (W-02467A):

Granite Oaks Water Users Association (W-02539A):

Green Acres Water Company (W-02271A):

Greenehaven Water Company, Inc. (W-02325A):

Groom Creek Water Users Association (W-01865A):

  • 2016 (pdf, 1631 KB)
  • 2017 (pdf, 1086 KB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 1498 KB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 7473 KB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 1323 KB)

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