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Welcome to the Corporations Division!

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11/9/2018 - Effective November 16, 2018, the Corporations Division will no longer accept American Express as a payment method. Only Visa and Mastercard will be accepted if you are paying by credit card.


9/26/2018 - DOCUMENT SUBMISSION OR RESUBMISSION - Effective October 5,2018 at 5 pm MST, we will no longer accept documents via email. The document intake email is being discontinued effective October 5, 2018 at 5 pm. We STRONGLY encourage you to file any new submission online (paper resubmissions cannot be made online). We will also accept documents delivered to us in person or by the U.S. Post Office at our physical address. NOTE FOR ONLINE FILING -- you can upload your own document, but you must do the data entry during the filing flow. If you do not, the data will not match the document you upload and that will be rejected.


8/10/2018 - LLC EFFECTIVE DATE - Did you know that your LLC formation will be effective on the date we received it (once it is processed and filed)? For example, if you deliver it to us electronically or on paper on August 1, even if it takes us until August 31 to examine it and mark it FILED, it will be considered formed as of August 1.


5/29/2018 - NEW SYSTEM - As many of you are aware, we implemented a new computer database system on May 21. The transition has not been smooth, and we apologize for that. We continue this week with issues, most of which affect us internally. This means our processing times have extended. We will post the processing times on this page, since the link in the system is not working.
If you notice inaccuracies in an entity record, please notify us by emailing .
MOD account holders should now have access to their existing accounts. If you do not, please email
Statutory Agents - you should have received some instructions today. Click here for that document.


2/23/2018 - DID YOU KNOW? In Arizona, the Sexual Harassment laws apply to an employer who has just one employee. See Arizona Civil Rights Act, A.R.S. § 41-1461(6)(a).


10/18/2017 - ATTENTION MOD ACCOUNT HOLDERS - MOD accounts will be handled exclusively online when we roll out our new database system (due in December). We mailed a notice to all current MOD account holders; you can read it here.


10/18/2017 - ATTENTION STATUTORY AGENTS WITH MORE THAN 25 ENTITIES - We mailed a notice to all statutory agents that had more than 25 entities associated with them. A copy of that Notice is here.


7/7/2017 - LEGISLATIVE UPDATE - A corporation omnibus bill was passed this last session. Click here for the summary.


1/31/2017 - DO NOT MAIL TO TUCSON OFFICE - Effective 2/1/2017, we are no longer accepting mail at the Tucson office. All mail should be sent to the Phoenix office: Arizona Corporation Commission-Corporations, 1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007. By mailing directly to Phoenix, the mail will be input into the system more quickly. The Tucson office will continue to provide service to walk-in customers.


12/19/2016 - HB2447 - PUBLICATION OR POSTING ON ACC WEBSITE -- HB2447, passed last legislative session, provides the public with options of publication in a newspaper or posting by the ACC if the known place of business is located in Maricopa County or Pima County. The ACC approval correspondence for documents subject to the bill will inform the submitter about the options. The database mandated by the revision to A.R.S. Section 10-130 is actually a new page on our website, and as of January 1, 2017 there will be a prominent link to it on the eCorp home page. Approved documents subject to the bill will automatically be posted after January 1, 2017, and the customer will not need to interact further with the ACC. There is no fee associated with the posting at this time.


8/26/2016 - NOTICE FOR MOD ACCOUNT HOLDERS -- Please choose only ONE method to submit documents to us. MOD account holders are sending the document in via multiple means, which creates duplicate charges and duplicate documents in our system. Choose only ONE of the following methods of submission: mail, email, fax, or hand-delivery. IMPORTANT - if you send the document in via, please DO NOT send another email with the same attachment. If you need to check& the status of a submission, send an email to


7/15/2016 - NOTICE - COPIES AND CERTIFICATES - click here.


5/26/2016 - LEGISLATIVE UPDATE - click here for information on legislative changes affecting filing requirements.


3/10/2016 - FEE CLARIFICATION - effective March 14, 2016 - fees for certified copies of restructuring documents from other states will be charged consistent with the way in which fees are charged for Arizona restructuring transactions. The fee will be determined by the entity initiating the transaction. Please see the Foreign Entity Document Filing Guide for more details.


10/1/2015 - ANNUAL REPORTS NOTICE - effective immediately, corporations will need to provide an Arizona known place of business address in section 1 of the annual report, and, if applicable, a foreign address (or the address of the registered agent in the foreign jurisdiction) in section 3 of the annual report. The pertinent language is being added to the instructions during the efiling process and on the paper instructions. This will assist us in cleaning up the database and in clarifying for the public the Arizona address information. Official notices from the A.C.C. are mailed to the statutory agent address.


10/1/2015 - Online filing for LLCs is now available! Read the press release here.


6/8/2015 - Foreign checks - Effectively immediately, the Corporations Division will no longer accept checks drawn on non-U.S. banks, even if the funds are payable in U.S. dollars.


4/23/2015 - eCorp has arrived! eCorp is the new "face" of the Corporations Division entity database known as STARPAS. The same functions and features are there in a more modern and user-friendly interface. The existing web pages will be accessible for a couple of weeks and then will be redirected to eCorp. You should immediately update your links or "favorites.""


Legislative update - effective in July, 2015 - HOAs. Effective around July 3, 2015, HOAs that are regulated by title 33 of the Arizona Revised Statutes will have to submit with their annual report a separate statement with certain contact information. See H.B. 2084 for details, at


Legislative update - effective January 1, 2015. For information about benefit corporations and the Arizona Entity Restructuring Act, please click here.


MOD account holders and resubmissions - email your document! We are pleased to announce that we are accepting documents via email, but only if you are a MOD account holder or are resubmitting a document that was previously paid for but rejected. We cannot accept credit card information over email, so we cannot accept new document submissions. If you qualify to use the email submission process, the document should be scanned as a .pdf file and sent to us as an attachment to
IMPORTANT: the document you scan should be very clean and legible. The better the quality of your copy, the better it will scan into our system and the better it will look in the entity record!


MOD account holders: Please read this about keeping your account funded.




3/4/2019 - We have two important updates to our online filing process.

Update to domestic LLC formation filings: your same day approval of LLCs is now available with a $35 expedite fee.

If you file your Articles of Organization electronically without an upload, pay an expedite fee of $35 along with your $50 Articles of Organization fee, your filing will be approved on the same day that your statutory agent accepts the appointment.

If you file your Articles of Organization electronically and upload a document, you may choose an expedited or regular processing timeline. Selecting the "upload" document with an expedite fee will generally take 3-5 business days to process your filing once your statutory agent accepts the appointment. Selecting the "upload" document with a regular processing timeline will generally take 15 business days to process your filing once your statutory agent accepts the appointment.

Update to Corporation Annual Report reminders: you may sign up to receive Annual Report reminders in your eCorp dashboard. To receive a reminder that the entity's annual report is due within 90, 60, 30 and 1 day, please "follow" the business online through an Entity Search. An alert will appear in your dashboard in the Alerts section. We will also send reminder emails to the business email address provided when you submitted your business filing.

If you have any questions, we're here to help. Call us at 602-542-3026.


5/31/2016 - Another solicitation, this time from "United Filings," is circulating to new LLCs and corporations. The solicitation states there is "one step left," and offers to obtain a certificate of good standing for the entity. The customer is instructed to call a telephone number. Click here for an example. This solicitation is NOT generated by the Arizona Corporation Commission. A certificate of good standing is not a requirement for forming an LLC or corporation and is not a "step" in the process of formation. After the LLC or corporation is formed, banks or other persons may ask for a certificate of good standing, and may require that it be dated within a certain time frame. A certificate of good standing can be obtained at any time, whenever it is needed, by using the A.C.C. eCorp website and paying a fee of $45, or by submitting a request on paper for as little as $10.


4/5/2016 - A solicitation from a company called "Compliance Filings Service" is circulating to corporations offering to provide "annual minutes" in exchange for a fee. Click here for an example. This solicitation is NOT from the Arizona Corporation Commission. There is no statutory requirement that "annual minutes" be filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission. "Compliance Filings Service" is not affiliated with the Arizona Corporation Commission in any way. If you have any questions about your corporation's record, please call our Customer Service Call Center at 602-542-3026.


3/22/2016 - We've had reports of a business directing people to our website and claiming that it is evidence of "federal accreditation." Please be advised that registration with the Arizona Corporation Commission is not a license or accreditation, and is not indicative of any expertise or qualification related to any particular business activity. If a corporation or LLC is listed in our records, it means only that the entity was created or registered in Arizona. If the entity is shown to be "in good standing," that means only that it is currently in compliance with filing requirements under Arizona law. This agency does not endorse any particular business and does not grant accreditation to or for any particular business activity.