Following a Docket

Why Would I Follow a Docket?

If you want to know what is happening in a Commission case but are not participating in the case (that is, you're not one of the parties to the case, such as an applicant or an intervenor), you can receive notice of each filing made in the docket for the case by signing up to follow the docket. The service is free and easy. You can follow as many dockets as you like and can choose to unfollow a docket at any time. If you are following a docket, you will receive an email each time a filing is made in the docket. The email tells you the type of document filed and provides a link to access a PDF of the document.

How Do I Sign Up to Follow a Docket?

  1. To follow a docket, you must have an AZCC Portal Account. If you do not yet have an AZCC Portal Account, go to, click on "Register," and complete the registration process.
  2. Sign into your AZCC Portal Account at
  3. Click on "My Dockets" in the options listed toward the top of the page.
  4. On the next page, under the "My Dockets" heading, you will see a list of any dockets that you are already following. You have the option to unfollow any of them.
  5. Scroll down on the same page to the area under the "Search" heading. Enter information to search for the docket you want to follow, and then click on "Search."
  6. The docket you seek should be listed under the "Search Results" heading. Depending on the search parameters you entered, there may be multiple dockets listed.
  7. Click on the "Follow" button (on the right) for the docket you desire to seek.
  8. Scroll down on the same page to the "Courtesy Emails" heading. All of the dockets that you have opted to follow should be listed, in order by the last 6 numbers of the docket number (e.g., 18-0001).
  9. Find the docket/s that you newly added to follow, and click in the box to the left of the docket number/s.
  10. Enter the email address you want to receive courtesy emails whenever a filing is made in the docket/s, and click "Add."
  11. The email address should appear below where you entered it, under an "Email" heading.
  12. You are now following each docket number you selected and will receive emails whenever a filing is made in each docket. The process is completed, and you can Logout (upper right corner of your screen) or close your browser.

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