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Underground Facilities Law

What government agency is responsible for enforcing the Underground Facilities Law?

The Arizona Corporation Commission is the enforcement agency for the State of Arizona.

What is the history of the Underground Facilities Law?

In 1973 the Underground Facilities Law was developed by contractors and underground facilities operators. In 1974, “Arizona Blue Stake” was established as a call center so underground facility owners and operators would be notified when anyone was planning to dig so they could mark their facilities in advance, in accordance with Arizona Revised Statute § 40-360.21-32. This law pertains to the entire State of Arizona and was often referred as the “Blue Stake Law”. The name Blue Stake comes from years past, when facility operators would use blue wooded stakes, driven into the ground, with a specific color painted on the tops of them. In 2005, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) designated 811 as the national number to call before any type of digging so underground facilities could be located and marked, protecting lives and infrastructure from coast-to-coast. With the “one nation, one number” concept realized, anyone in any state can call 811 and be connected directly with their local one-call center. In 2014, “Arizona Blue Stake” officially changed its name to Arizona 811.


What is the history of the Underground Facilities Law?

Arizona Underground Facility Law

see Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 40, Article 6.3 § 40-360.21 to § 40-360.32

Arizona Administrative Code

Commission Color Code – Arizona Administrative Code R14-2-106A to R14-2-106D

Underground Facility Utility Filing Form

Arizona Revised Statute, Title 40, Chapter 2, Section 40-360.22 B, requires every public utility, municipal corporation or other person having the right to bury underground facilities in a public street, alley, right-of-way dedicated to the public use, or on any expressed or implied private property utility easement, to file the information requested on the above form.

How does the Arizona 811 (formerly Blue Stake) Center Work?

Arizona 811 Center is a damage prevention service offered free of charge to any individual or company planning to excavate, it is a one-call notification system established to assist excavators in locating all underground electric, gas, water, telephone, sewer, communications or other lines prior to excavation.

Before you excavate, call the Arizona 811, it's the law!  Whether you're a homeowner or an experienced contractor, this is the safest way to prevent shocking or explosive surprises - surprises like underground electric, water, gas, cable or telecommunications lines. One call to the Arizona Blue Stake Center is all it takes and the utility will come out and mark the precise location of its lines for FREE.

What is the penalty for failure to comply?

Owners of underground facilities must locate and mark all their facilities at that location within 48 hours. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to $5000. You or a contractor cannot begin excavating until all utilities have been marked or be subject to a maximum fine of $5000 per violation.

What can I do to keep my family and community safe?

Take the Arizona 811 Promise

ACC – Pipeline Safety Section is asking everyone in the State of Arizona to participate in a quick and easy safety initiative known as The 811 Promise. Please click "Take the Promise" link below and always CALL BEFORE YOU DIG:

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