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Office of Pipeline Safety

The Arizona Corporation Commission's (ACC) Office of Pipeline Safety (AZOPS) is an integral part of the Safety Division. The AZOPS has the responsibility to inspect and enforce safety regulations on all intrastate pipeline operators and by way of agreement, act as an agent for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) for inspection of all interstate pipelines operating within the State of Arizona. For more information on PHMSA's role in pipeline safety, they maintain a very helpful website with links to pertinent regulations and detailed information about its offices and responsibilities.

The website can be viewed at http://www.phmsa.dot.gov/pipeline. AZOPS's inspections include reviewing the plans, procedures, manuals of operation, personnel training and maintenance records and documentation as required by regulation. In conjunction with these inspections, field inspections are conducted to assure the pipeline is being maintained in accordance with the regulations.

The AZOPS staff are also responsible for conducting pipeline construction inspections on an ongoing basis and conduct investigations of pipeline incidents for the purpose of determining the cause and prevention of similar incidents. In addition to the inspection of hazardous pipelines, the AZOPS is responsible for the enforcement of the Arizona State Damage Prevention Program as codified in the Arizona Underground Facilities Law (Arizona 811). 


To enforce federal and state pipeline safety regulations and to provide information and guidance to pipeline operators to ensure safe operations of pipeline facilities. To enforce the Arizona Underground Facilities Law and to provide information to excavators and utility owners to eliminate damage to underground facilities and incidents that may cause injuries and deaths associated with underground facilities.

Pipeline Inspections and Violations:

  • Master Meter Annual Inspection Reports


  • Pipeline Telephonic Incident Reports
  • Notice of Violations

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