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To Ensure that the citizens of Arizona have railroad and pipeline systems that are operated and maintained in as safe a manner as possible.

AZCC Master Meter Policy Update

In November 2018 the Corporation Commission voted to approve and adopt a new policy regarding natural and propane gas master meter systems throughout the state. The new policy requires existing master meter systems to either remain or come fully into compliance with state and federal regulations or be converted to a traditional gas system operated by a regulated public service corporation. If operators choose to come into compliance with state and federal regulations, they will have a five-year grace period during which they may not be fined for noncompliance, however, the Corporation Commission retains its authority to shut down systems that pose an immediate threat to public safety.

There are currently over 900 gas-related master meter systems throughout the state. They are run by the owners of the property on which they exist, indirectly making property owners gas operators, bringing with that the burden of complying with stringent state and federal regulations. Many of these master meter systems are antiquated and nearing the end of their lifecycles, leading to potential health and safety risks. When such systems go down, it does not impact just a few users, but the entire network of the system, leaving Arizonans without critical utility services such as hot water and heat.

Information on the Commissioner's decision may be found in our November Open Meeting Highlights news release.

Read our new inspection guidelines which take effect January 1, 2019.

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