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Commissioner Myers Joins Commission in Reducing TEP Bills by $11.91

Phoenix, Ariz.— At the Arizona Corporation Commission’s (“ACC”) May 7, 2024, regular open meeting, Commissioner Nick Myers joined the unanimous vote of the Commission to approve a new Purchased Power and Fuel Adjustment Clause (“PPFAC”) rate for Tucson Electric Power Company’s (“TEP”) customers.

The Commission order decreases the PPFAC rate from the current average rate of $0.013515 per kilowatt-hour (“kWh”) to ($0.001446) per kWh. Assuming an average monthly usage of 767 kWh, the new PPFAC rate will decrease a residential and small business customer bill by $11.91 per month for the next twelve months, beginning June 1, 2024.

“TEP’s PPFAC is working as it should. Our adjustment to the PPFAC rate last year to address a substantial under collected balance and the lower forecasted cost of procuring fuel and power have resulted in this significant lower rate for customers,” stated Commissioner Myers. 

For more information about the new PPFAC rate for TEP customers, please contact Amanda Hasty at

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