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Arizona Utilities Notify ACC of Plans to Meet Summer Electricity Demands

Phoenix, Ariz. – The Arizona Corporation Commission hosted its annual Summer Preparedness Workshop on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, in which the state’s largest utility providers discussed their plans to ensure peak demand can be met during the hot summer months this year.  Last year, electricity demand soared to an all-time peak high across Arizona, and the utilities successfully met those demands during the most challenging times.  This year, our utilities report they are preparing to meet an even higher electricity demand.  The state’s three largest utilities notified the Commission that they are prepared to produce a combined total of more than 22,000 gigawatts of electricity.


Company               # Customers             Capacity           Peak Forecast

APS                          1.3 million                 9,742 MW          8,403 MW     

SRP                          1.1 million                 9,385 MW          8,257 MW

TEP/UNS                 719,000                      3,500 MW         2,974   MW


The Commission ensures that the regulated utilities remain proactive in maintaining the power grid throughout the year to ensure that infrastructure is in working order and ready to meet peak demands during the summer.

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