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How to Participate in February 22, 2024 Special Open Meeting

Arizona residents are encouraged to participate in the upcoming Special Open Meeting of the Arizona Corporation Commission scheduled for Thursday, February 22, 2024.  There is only one item on the agenda, Arizona Public Service Company E-01345A-22-0144.  The Commissioners will only hear public comment during the hearing from those who submit requests prior to the beginning of the meeting at 9:00 AM.

 Members of the public who plan to attend the hearing have several options:

  1.  In-person
  2. Over the phone:  Please dial 1-877-309-3457  Passcode: 801972877##

    Phone lines are available up to 30 minutes before every Open Meeting

  3. Video Conferencing using a WebEx link
  4. Watching live stream video of the hearing at

 Public input is welcome and necessary.  Members of the public who would like to speak on the matter during the hearing must submit a “Request to Speak” BEFORE the start of the hearing.  Registered members of the public can provide comment during the meeting either in-person, telephonically, or through video conferencing.  There are TWO options to submit a “Request to Speak:

  1. In-person – on the day of the Open Meeting members may sign up to speak at a kiosk placed outside of the hearing room.
  2.  Online at

-         Click on the hearing date 02/22/2024 09:00 AM

-         Click on agenda item 1

-         Complete request form, then click on the green “submit” tab.

-         Online registration is opened following the posting of the agenda and will close one hour prior to the start of the meeting.

 The Chairman will have access to the list of submitted requests and will call persons to speak at the appropriate time.  Each speaker will be provided three minutes for public comment.  The Chairman has sole discretion in calling on persons to speak and may ask persons with similar comments to designate a representative to speak on their behalf.  If so, the representative of the group will be provided five minutes for public comment.

 Those who need further assistance may contact our Customer Services representatives at (602) 542-4251.

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