News Release

Open Meeting Highlights - May 2 & 11

CC&N Extensions and Transfers

The Commission approved several Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CC&N) extensions and transfers for various water, sewer, and telecommunications companies in Arizona. Companies such as Arizona Water Company, Far West Water & Sewer, and CNS Network are among the beneficiaries of these approvals.

Compliance Filing Extensions

The Commission granted compliance filing extensions to several companies, including the Arizona Water Company and Global Water. This allows these companies additional time to submit necessary documents for regulatory compliance.

Shared Services, Tariffs, and Agreements

The Commission endorsed shared service agreements, tariffs, and other agreements for entities such as the City of Buckeye and UNS Electric. AriSEA and Vote Solar supported APS's commercial-scale battery storage program, and an amendment by Commissioner Myers was adopted to track third-party battery storage dispatch frequency.

Certificates of Environmental Compatibility

Several infrastructure projects and Certificates of Environmental Compatibility were approved, paving the way for projects like the Southwest Transmission Cooperative's San Manuel Interconnect Project.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

The Commission issued decisions related to regulatory compliance and reporting requirements for entities such as Bensch Ranch Utilities and San Tan Water and Wastewater Districts. These decisions help in extending compliance deadlines, approving compliance with regulations, or suspending reporting requirements.

TEP Permitted to Collect Unrecovered Costs

The Commission granted Tucson Electric Power's (TEP) request to modify its purchased power and fuel adjustment clause rate, with a 3-2 decision. A 12-month surcharge is expected to yield significant savings and increase residential bills by an average of $9.67 per month.

Commission Responds to Proposed EPA Rules

The Commission instructed staff to prepare a comment on the proposed EPA rules for PFAS in drinking water. Staff will collaborate with stakeholders to address the impact on ratepayers.

Public Participation Standard Authorized

The Commission standardized rules for respectful and effective public participation, aiming to maintain decorum during public hearings.

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