Kevin Thompson

Diving into Energy Regulation Reform with Mongolia's Energy Sector

Director Doug Clark and Commissioner Kevin Thompson from the Arizona Corporation Commission welcomed a Mongolian Energy delegation, led by Batuul Tumurkhuyag and Mac Wodicker of ASU's Laboratory for Energy and Power Solutions. Dialogue consisted of a comparative analysis of national energy systems and the landscape of energy regulation, policy, and tariff setting in Arizona.

Since its inception in 2001, the Mongolian Energy Commission has faced unique challenges due to the lack of an energy market in their country. Instead, energy costs are calculated by square meterage of a dwelling, as opposed to consumption-based pricing. The meeting shed light on Mongolia's vertically integrated energy sector and how non-market-based systems pose a barrier to renewable energy ambitions.

To increase economic competitiveness, create a more stable and secure domestic energy supply, and develop more renewable energy projects; USAID has launched a $12 million Mongolia Energy Governance Project aimed at bolstering supportive interventions in the energy sector transition. As part of our ongoing commitment, Ryan Anderson and Nikki Farha from Commissioner Thompson’s office offered ongoing assistance to the Mongolian delegation in strengthening their energy regulatory systems.


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