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How to Raise a Money-Smart Child

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A Salute to Smart Investing

Be on Guard Against Affinity Fraud

Financial Field Manual for Military Families

Money and Mobility

Take Aim at Investing: The 4 C's 


Pre-Retirees and SanGEN

Sandwich Generation: Caught in the Middle

Beware of Early Retirement Scams

Facing Retirement

Self-Directed IRAs and Fraud

Transitions in Your Financial Life 

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Beware of Misleading Senior Designations

Investing Guide for Seniors

Smart Fraud-Fighting Tips for Older Investors

Tips on Digesting a "Free Lunch" Investment Seminar

Variable Annuities: What Investors Need to Know

Money Smarts for Older Adults


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Common Investment Pitfalls to Avoid

Know Your Risk Tolerance and Suitability

How to Ask and Check Before You Invest

Choosing and Monitoring an Investment Professional

Guide to Reading a Prospectus

Raising Capital in Arizona

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Beware of Third-Party Asset Recovery Companies--Be wary of those offering to help you recover funds lost in a scam.  

How to Ask and Check Before You Invest--Determine how to research the background of investment promoter.

How to Select an Investment Professional--Discover how to best search for an investment professional.

How to Monitor an Investment Professional--Realize the warning signs of unscrupulous activity and how to avoid problems with your investment professional. 

REAL LIFE REGULATORS: Anatomy of a Fraud Part #1--Learn about an Arizona law protecting investors and the common frauds than ensnare senior citizens; features a "fix-and-flip" real estate scheme. 

REAL LIFE REGULATORS: Anatomy of a Fraud Part #2--Recognize how real estate can be a security; features a multimillion-dollar real estate investment fraud case. 

REAL LIFE REGULATORS: Anatomy of a Fraud Part #3--Know some red flags of investment fraud; features a securities case involving affinity fraud in Hispanic Christian communities.   

REAL LIFE REGULATORS: Anatomy of a Fraud Part #4--Understand some of the psychological tactics fraudsters use to persuade you to invest; features a securities case involving a high-tech, start-up company. 


 Speakers Bureau

Need tPodiumo find a FREE presenter for your classroom or group? The Securities Division has a speakers bureau that is composed of a knowledgeable group of staff members willing to speak to your group about investing wisely and avoiding investment fraud. All are available, without charge, to make a presentation.

Besides the scope and function of the Commission's Securities Division, some of the topics our presenters can discuss include:

-How to Outsmart the Investment Swindlers

-Basics of Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds 

-How to Choose and Monitor Your Investment Professional

-Basics of Saving and Investing:  How to Become a Millionaire (high school level)

To schedule a guest speaker, contact the Securities Division's Investor Education Coordinator at 602-542-0428 or email a request to

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