Lea Márquez Peterson

Commissioner Lea Márquez Peterson Announces Policy Advisor & Staff Appointments

PHOENIX - Arizona Corporation Commissioner Lea Márquez Peterson announced Monday she is appointing Daniel Schwiebert and Madison Doyle to serve as Policy Advisor and Deputy Policy Advisor to her Office at the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Commissioner Márquez Peterson was appointed to the Arizona Corporation Commission in June 2019 to fill a vacancy, and in November 2020, she was elected to serve a full term on the Commission as a Clean Elections Act candidate. In January 2021, she was elected to serve as Chair of the Commission.

Daniel P. Schwiebert, Esq.

Daniel Schwiebert is an attorney licensed with the State Bar of Arizona. He served in the Office of Commissioner Andy Tobin from September  2017 to May 2019 as Deputy Policy Advisor and helped draft administrative rules, such as the Arizona Energy Modernization Plan, and policies, such as the Arizona Corporation Commission Code of Judicial Conduct, which Tobin proposed in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

When Governor Ducey appointed Tobin to the Arizona Department of Administration in June 2019, and appointed Commissioner Márquez Peterson to fill his seat, Commissioner Márquez Peterson asked Schwiebert to stay on as a part of her transition and onboarding team. In that capacity, he helped Commissioner Márquez Peterson play a pivotal role in restoring the public’s trust in the Commission and passing a 100% Clean Energy Policy for Arizona.

Schwiebert graduated from the Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law in May 2017 with a Certificate in Law, Science & Technology: Dual Specialization in Intellectual Property and Environmental & Sustainability Law. His resume includes judicial and legal experience in the Chambers of the Honorable David B. Gass and the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council, Staff Attorney’s Office.

Madison V. Doyle, M.S.

Madison Doyle received her Masters in Sustainability Solutions from Arizona State University in 2019. While completing her degree she worked in local utility SRP’s Sustainability Policy and Programs group focusing on Electric Vehicle Policy. In that role, Doyle worked with industry experts across Arizona to help establish SRP’s Electric Vehicle Roadmap. In April 2020, Commissioner Márquez Peterson asked Doyle to join her team as Deputy Policy Advisor to contribute to the sustainability perspective of her Office and assist with the development of electrification policy.

Doyle graduated from her undergraduate program from Baylor after only 3 years with a Bachelors in Environmental Science with an emphasis in Environmental Chemistry. Doyle decided to continue her education at Arizona State University to pursue a passion for sustainability in energy.

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