Lea Márquez Peterson

Arizona Corporation Commission Swearing-In Ceremony and Election of New Chair

PHOENIX & TUCSON – The Arizona Corporation Commission on Monday held a swearing-in ceremony for Commissioners Lea Márquez Peterson, Anna Tovar, and Jim O’Connor following their respective wins in the November 2020 general election. The Corporation Commission is composed of five statewide elected Commissioners who serve four-year staggered terms. Commissioners Márquez Peterson, Tovar, and O’Connor will join siting Commissioners Sandra D. Kennedy and Justin Olson who were elected in 2018.

Outgoing Chairman Bob Burns thanked staff and his fellow Commissioners for their hard work and dedication over the past eight years, and congratulated incoming Commissioners on their respective elections. For Chairman Burns, Monday’s ceremony capped a 30-year public service career that began in 1988, with his first election to the Arizona House of Representatives. “Congratulations and the best of luck moving forward to the newly elected and currently serving Commissioners,” said Chairman Burns. “Arizona is on the threshold of becoming a national leader in energy generation and distribution that will be of great benefit to Arizona citizens.”

Commissioner Boyd Dunn also thanked staff for their dedication to the business of the Corporation Commission, taking time to acknowledge each division within the agency, and thanked his fellow Commissioners for their hard work and service to the citizens of Arizona. “Being on this Commission, it has been both an honor and a privilege to serve with all of you,” said Commissioner Dunn. “I have appreciated our discussions and debates and the common desire to tackle difficult issues that previous Commissions have bypassed; I will greatly miss working with you.”

Commissioner Sandra D. Kennedy thanked Commissioners Burns and Dunn for their public service, saying of Commissioner Dunn, “Thank you Commissioner Dunn for your service, it will not go unnoticed, it has been an honor to serve with you.” Of Chairman Burns she said, “You have left your footprint on this body and the state of Arizona, I wish you well and it has been an honor to serve alongside you.”

Commissioner Lea Márquez Peterson was sworn-in by Chief Justice Robert Brutinel of the Arizona Supreme Court. “I want to thank Arizona voters for their support and confidence in me to allow me to serve a full four-year term on the Arizona Corporation Commission,” said Commissioner Márquez Peterson. “I look forward to continuing to serve Arizona ratepayers and to working with the new Commission.”

Commissioner Anna Tovar was sworn-in by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Lori Bustamante. “As the top vote-getter and first Latina elected to statewide office, along with Commissioner Marquez Peterson, I am looking forward to serving Arizonans,” said Commissioner Tovar. “My campaign was about restoring accountability to the Commission and I promise this will be my goal starting today and for the next four years.”

Commissioner Jim O’Connor was sworn-in by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Michael Herrod. “My intention and commitment is to use all my gifts and talents to honor God and my fellow Arizonans following the oath of office which I have taken today” said Commissioner O’Connor. “As we continue to advance in technology and innovation in the energy and water sectors, I am hopeful that a number of these developments will result in efficiencies to businesses and passed through to customers in the form of cleaner and less costly water and power services in the future.”

Following the swearing-in of the three Commissioners, the Commission voted to elect a new chair. In a 3-2 vote, Commissioner Lea Márquez Peterson was chosen as the new Chairwoman of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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