Efiling of Case Docket documents is now available for select utilities.
Effective January 2, 2019. 


The following filings can now be made electronically using the ACC Portal:

  • Class D and E utilities—all filings
  • Telecommunications utilities of any class—all filings other than applications for new or amended Certificates of Convenience and Necessity (“CC&Ns”)

To e-file, you must first set up an ACC Portal Account.  Then, each time you e-file a document, you must:

    1. Log into your ACC Portal Account,
    2. Select “eFile Utilities Documents,” 
    3. Select a Document Type and a Document Subcode (using your best judgment to characterize your filing),
    4. Include your name in “Filed By,”
    5. Enter the utility name in “Filed On Behalf Of,”
    6. Enter the full docket number in “Docket Number,”
    7. Upload your document/s to be filed using the “Browse” function under “Upload Documents” (documents must be PDFs),
    8. Verify that you have not uploaded documents including confidential information, and
    9. Select “Submit.” 

After e-filing, you will receive two emails:  one immediately acknowledging that you have e-filed, and a subsequent notice informing you whether your e-filing has been accepted or rejected.  If your e-filing has been rejected, the email will explain the problem that needs to be corrected before you e-file the document/s again.   

You do not need to file any paper copies of the documents that you successfully e-file.