The Arizona Corporation Commission oversees the electric power industry in Arizona. To get power to your home or business, utilities or their affiliates provide power generation, high-voltage transmission and low-voltage distribution. Power can be purchased from another company or generated at a power plant owned and operated by a traditional utility.  It then travels along high-voltage lines before it is "stepped down" to a lower voltage at a substation near your home or office. Distribution lines leaving the substation carry the power to your home or office.



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Electric System 10 Year Transmission Plans

Electric System 10 Year Transmission Plans for each company proposing to build transmission lines in Arizona in the coming ten year period are to be filed by Januay 31st of each year.  These plans along with information on the related Commissions Biennial Transmission Plan are all posted in the Commissions eDocket system.  Individual company plans for a given year can be located by clicking on the docket number shown below for that year and looking in the Documents tab.

2014 - Docket #  E-00000D-13-0002
2013  - Docket #
2012  - Docket # E-00000D-11-0017
2011  - Docket # E-00000D-11-0017
2010  - Docket # E-00000D-09-0020
2009  - Docket # E-00000D-09-0020
2008  - Docket # E-00000D-07-0376
2007  - Docket # E-00000D-05-0040
2006  - Docket # E-00000D-05-0040
2005  - Docket # E-00000D-05-0040


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