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    Docket Control (602)542-3477  

Jane Rodda
Chief Administrative Law Judge


Mission: To preside over administrative hearings and procedural conferences concerning complex utility and securities matters, and to write and submit Recommended Opinion and Orders for the Commissioners' consideration at Open Meetings.  

The Hearing Division exercises the Commission's authority to hold public hearings and arbitrations on matters involving the regulation of public service corporations, the sale of securities, and the registration of non-municipal corporations. Under the direction of the Administrative Law Judges, proceedings are conducted through formal hearings that include taking sworn testimony, cross-examination of witnesses, admission of documentary and other physical evidence, and submission of oral arguments or post-hearing briefs. The Administrative Law Judges process Rate and Certificate of Convenience and Necessity applications under a procedural schedule that complies with the Commission's "timeclock" rules to ensure that Recommended Opinion and Orders are issued in a timely manner.

The Hearing Division also includes Docket Control, which is responsible for the Commission's filings and record-keeping.

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