Integrated Resource Planning


         The Commission requires Arizona’s electric utilities to engage in Integrated Resource Planning (IRP), a practice which will provide a forward-looking approach to energy planning. Through these rules, each utility must demonstrate how it will meet its energy requirements in an efficient, cost-effective, and responsible manner.
The rules require that every two years, Arizona’s public utilities file a 15-year plan for how they will fulfill the energy needs of their customers. The companies must identify the sources of the energy they will generate and what percentage of each source will be employed.
            Included in the rules are requirements for utilities to identify how they will comply with demand response, energy efficiency, and the state’s Renewable Energy Standard. Additionally, the Commission approved amendments to the IRP rules that would enhance consideration of other elements such as how much water electric companies use in the generation of energy and the level of harmful emissions and by-products such as coal ash that are created through generation.


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