Who Does the Commission Regulate?

The Commission regulates investor-owned or privately-owned utilities that provide gas, water, electricity or telephone service. Examples are: Southwest Gas, Arizona Public Service, Tucson Electric Power, Qwest, and Arizona-American Water.

The Commission also regulates utility cooperatives (owned by the customers) such as Graham County Electric Cooperative, Mohave Electric Cooperative and Doney Park Water Cooperative.

The Commission also oversees the safe operation of railroads in the state and enforces state and federal regulations safeguarding the transportation of hazardous materials by rail. It also inspects railroad crossings and clearances for safety and maintenance deficiencies.

The Commission DOES NOT regulate interstate long distance rates, cell phones, fax machines, voicemail services or internet services. Also the Commission DOES NOT regulate cable or satellite TV. Cable television systems are typically regulated at the municipal level. Contact your local municipal entity for assistance with cable questions.

Many cities own and operate electric, gas, sewer and water utilities. The Commission DOES NOT have jurisdiction over these operations with the notable exception of pipeline safety for municipal, public or any natural gas distribution system.