Doug Little

Commissioner Doug Little was elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in November 2014 and sworn into office on January 5, 2015. He served as ACC Chairman from January – December 2016.

As an Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Little is responsible for making multi-million dollar regulatory decisions for energy, water, and telecommunications utilities in Arizona. Commissioner Little has proven skills in strategic planning, regulatory rate design and in evaluating the important legal, regulatory, economic, and political considerations that shape energy, water, and telecommunications policy in Arizona.

During his tenure as a Commissioner he has developed a regional and national reputation as a thought leader in the areas of Integrated Resource Planning, Regional Transmission Planning, and the developing regional energy markets in the Western United States. Additionally, he has developed strong working relationships with many state utility regulators, current and former FERC Commissioners, utility industry executives and representatives of various business stakeholders appearing before the ACC.

Since coming to the Commission in 2015, he has pioneered key energy, water and telecommunication policy initiatives including:

  • Reforms to Net Metering Policy that modernized how distributed resources are compensated for the excess energy they produce
  • Reforms in Electricity Rate Design
  • Review of the Arizona Renewable Energy Standard
  • Ensuring the Security of Critical Grid Infrastructure
  • Investments in Grid Infrastructure and Technology
  • Spearheading a Water Policy Reform Workshop
  • Advocating for a Water System Improvement Benefit Program
  • Initiating the Commission’s Affiliated Interest Rules Reform

Commissioner Little has also been very involved in a variety of initiatives and organizations at a regional and national level. They include:

  • National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)
    • NARUC Board of Directors
    • Executive Board – Western Conference of Public Utility Commissioners
    • NARUC Electricity Committee
    • Task Force on Telecommunication Act Modernization
  • Western Energy Imbalance Market
    • Vice Chairman of the EIM Body of State Regulators
    • EIM Governing Board Nominating Committee
  • Western Interconnect Regional Advisory Board

As a strong supporter of a diverse energy portfolio, Commissioner Little has long advocated for traditional generation technologies like natural gas, nuclear, and clean coal. He is also a strong advocate for the adoption of new technologies like energy storage, as well as energy efficiency, and energy conservation programs.

Prior to his election to the ACC, Little spent more than three decades in the computer software industry. Throughout his career, he was engaged with companies that delivered cutting-edge solutions and major innovations in project management, database, software development and web-based technologies.

Earlier in his computer software career, he worked in construction project management software and services with McDonnell Douglas Automation and Project Software & Development Incorporated. During his tenure with these two companies, he acted as a consultant and trainer on large-scale oil and natural gas pipeline projects, construction of nuclear generation facilities and fossil generation maintenance projects. His former clients include Bechtel Power, Fluor Corporation, AT&T, Chevron, LA Department of Water and Power, Southern California Edison, Sempra Energy and Pacific Gas and Electric.

Doug, his wife, Linda, and his daughter, Micaela, live in Scottsdale, AZ and have been residents and ratepayers in Arizona for over 18 years.