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  Doug Little

Chairman Doug Little was elected to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) in November 2014 and sworn into office on January 5, 2015.

Prior to his election, Little spent more than three decades in the computer software industry. Throughout his career, he was engaged with companies that delivered cutting-edge solutions and major innovations in project management, database, software development and web-based technologies.

His resume includes executive and sales management positions at Oracle, Borland, and Micro Focus International. As Vice President of North America Direct Sales at Micro Focus, Little successfully managed a national direct sales team of over forty people and was responsible for negotiating multi-million dollar license agreements with dozens of Fortune 100 companies including Wal-Mart, State Farm Insurance, and CVS Pharmacies.

Earlier in his software career, Little spent nearly fifteen years working on large-scale projects with construction, energy and telecommunication companies including, Bechtel Power, Fluor Corporation, AT&T, Chevron, Southern California Edison, and PG&E.

As an Arizona Corporation Commissioner, he is responsible for making multi-million dollar regulatory decisions impacting energy, water and telecommunications utilities in Arizona. He has proven skills in strategic and financial planning, and in weighing important legal, regulatory, economic, and political considerations that shape energy and water policy in Arizona.

Chairman Little maintains solid relationships with state and federal utility regulators, utility industry leaders and consumer representatives by his active participation in the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), where he is highly respected for his industry knowledge, principled decision-making and personal integrity.

He is also a member of the NARUC Electricity Committee, the Critical Infrastructure Subcommittee, and was appointed by NARUC president Lisa Edgar to serve on the Task Force on Telecommunication Act Modernization. Additionally, he represents the ACC on the Western Energy Imbalance Market -Body of State Regulators and he is an active participant in the Western Interconnection Regional Advisory Board. Little is also a member of the Harvard Electricity Policy Group and the Critical Consumer Issues Forum.

As a strong supporter of a diverse energy portfolio, Little has long advocated for the inclusion of more renewable energy resources, like wind and solar, balanced with traditional generation technologies like natural gas, nuclear, and clean coal. He is also a strong advocate for the adoption of new technologies like energy storage, as well as energy efficiency, and energy conservation programs.

Chairman Little is a strong consumer advocate who has worked to develop more effective operations resulting in lower prices and more efficient methods of delivering gas, water, and electricity. He is committed to maintaining Arizona's national leadership in emerging power generation technologies and works to implement cost effective energy and water policies that encourage economic development while providing clean, safe, reliable, and affordable utility services for all Arizonans

. Doug, his wife, Linda, and his daughter, Micaela, live in the northeast valley and have been residents and ratepayers in Arizona for over 17 years.


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