What does it mean to be an intervenor?

An intervenor is a party to the case, just like the utility, Staff, and any other party of record.  Party status comes with both rights and responsibilities. 

It provides the right:

·      to participate in discovery to learn about other parties’ cases

·      to present evidence, through witnesses and/or documents

·      to cross-examine other parties’ witnesses

·      to file Exceptions to a Recommended Opinion and Order (the ALJ’s order)

·      to request rehearing of a Commission Decision

·      to appeal a Commission Decision 

It creates the responsibility:

·      to participate in discovery so that other parties can learn about your case

·      to attend and participate in all proceedings (procedural conferences, prehearing conferences, the hearing, and the Open Meeting at which the Commission discusses the ALJ’s order)

·      to make all required filings and serve the other parties with all filings you make

·      to have your witnesses subjected to cross-examination

·      to comply with the Commission’s rules for practice and procedure and with all Procedural Orders