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Information for Electronically Submitting the Corporation Annual Report

 Please read all information below before electronically submitting the annual report.

Only corporations must submit annual reports. Limited liability companies do not submit annual reports. The corporation is solely responsible for submitting its annual report on or before its due date. To find your corporation's due date, go to the corporation's page on our website by using the "business entity search" function here. We recommend you calendar the date well into the future so the corporation does not forget to submit on time. You can choose to subscribe to the email reminder service (see the top of this page). If you do not subscribe, you will not receive any reminder at all from the Corporations Division.
By law, failure to submit the corporation annual report on or before its due date will result in monetary penalties of $9 per month. A Notice of Pending Administrative Dissolution will be mailed to the corporation's statutory agent approximately 90 days after the due date. If the annual report is not submitted, approximately 60 days after the date of the Notice, the corporation will be administratively dissolved.
Continue reading below to find out how to submit the annual report electronically.

All filing fees, including the expedite fee, are NONREFUNDABLE pursuant to A.R.S. §§10-122, 10-2020, 10-2079, 10-2145, 10-3122 and 29-851. Fees of any type paid to file a document cannot be applied or transferred to any other document.  
For-profit corporations - $45 filing fee plus an additional $35 expedite fee (if you choose to expedite), plus any late penalties or reinstatement fees that may be applicable. If there are no penalties or reinstatement fees, the total cost will be either $80 for an expedited filing or $45 for a non-expedited filing. 
Nonprofit corporations - $10 filing fee plus an additional $35 expedite fee (if you choose to expedite), plus any reinstatement fees that may be applicable. If there are no reinstatement fees, the total cost will be either $45 for an expedited filing or $10 for a non-expedited filing. 

In order to electronically submit an annual report, the following conditions must all be true:
  • The corporation type must be For-profit (Business), Professional, Nonprofit, Corporate Sole, or Cooperative.
  • The annual report must be due now or within the next three months.
  • The corporation cannot be voluntarily dissolved, withdrawn, expired, or merged out. 
  • Corporations that have been administratively dissolved or revoked for less than six years may still submit electronically, provided the corporation's name is still available. A reinstatement fee will be charged on the last overdue report.
  • The annual report must be filed by an officer of the corporation who is listed in the report's officers section.
  • This must be the original filing of the report, not a resubmitted (corrected) annual report.
  • The corporation must NOT be required to answer "Yes" to any of the Bankruptcy or Certificate of Disclosure questions that appear on the third page of the Annual Report form. A “Yes" answer would require an attachment that currently may not be electronically submitted.
  • A maximum of 99 officers and 99 directors can be entered via the web form. If you need to enter more officers or directors, you must file a paper report.
  • The statutory agent cannot be changed (you cannot appoint a new agent) via an electronically submitted report. Corporations that need to change or appoint a new statutory agent can submit the annual report and then separately submit a Statement of Change.
  • The corporation must have a statutory agent currently showing in the records of the Arizona Corporation Commission. You may change the current statutory agent’s address when you submit the annual report.    
  • A maximum of four lines of capitalization information (two for authorized shares and two for issued shares) can be entered via the website. If you need to enter more capitalization information, you must file a paper report.
  • Payment must be made using only Visa, MasterCard or American Express. No other forms of payment are acceptable at this time. Payment is required during the electronic submission process.
  • Any penalties due, as calculated by our computer system, must be paid during the electronic submission process.

If all of the above conditions apply, follow the instructions below to electronically submit an Annual Report for your corporation:
  1. To begin, click on the link at the bottom of this page, then enter the file number in the box under ‘Electronic Filings’ for Annual Report and click ‘GO’. Once you have located your corporation’s page on our website, check the “Next Annual Report Due Date.” Make sure the due date is now or within the next three months. If it is more than three months away, you will not be able to continue.
  2. In the Annual Reports section of the page, click on the button marked "E-File an Annual Report On-line."
  3. You will then be shown one or more dates for all outstanding annual reports. If there are multiple dates shown, it is imperative that you complete the entire filing process for each date shown. However, if our records indicate that the corporation has filed all of its annual reports or if a report was previously rejected, you will receive a message that there are no reports due, and will not be able to continue.
  4. Highlight the first date by clicking once on it. You may review current processing times prior to filing annual report.
  5. Click on the “Select Date” button. You must file the reports in chronological order.
  6. Next, you will be presented with some very important instructions. Please follow these instructions, and all other instructions throughout the process, as you file your report.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the instruction page and click on the date button to continue. Follow the instructions on each page of the process.
  8. Please be aware that some of these pages contain a number of fields, such as the Officers and Directors section. Remember to use the Scroll Bars and be sure you view each page entirely.
  9. The system is not case-sensitive. You may enter data in upper or lower case. To maintain consistency in our database, the programs will convert all of your information to upper case.
  10. Be sure to print the receipt page at the end of the process (after the credit card payment page) for your records.
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